Discount Slots

The Sales have started at Clear Our Space! It’s the perfect time of year to clear the clutter and make the most of WeClearJunk. Replace the old with the new. Clear Our Space will help you with this and ensure the task is made as easy as possible by collecting and clearing all the unwanted objects all at a sale price! Follow the instructions and get booking for your discount slots!

Book a discount slot NOW!

Here's how:
1. Tell us the Date and Time that you'd like (for a rubbish removal or waste collection)
2. We'll check if we have a truck nearby or passing
3. If we do, we'll discount your collection by:

  • Mininal load
  • 1/8 Truck load
  • 1/6 Truck load
  • 1/4 Truck load
  • 1/3 Truck load
  • 3/8 Truck load
  • 1/2 Truck load
  • 5/8 Truck load
  • 2/3 Truck load
  • 3/4 Truck load
  • 5/6 Truck load
  • 7/8 Truck load
  • Full Truck load

How much stuff can you fit in a truck?

Can you estimate how much of a truck you'll fill? (Don't worry if you can't!)

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"I plan on using them in the future for anything that involves junk removal, awkward moving, etc. I recommend them wholeheartedly and without reservation."
Raj ChandraSpeech Arrow
“Clear our Space service are fantastic & polite team. All junk cleared!"
RobertSpeech Arrow
"“I emailed Clear Our Space and got a response very quickly. I returned their call and booked for the next morning for pick up of a reclining sofa!"
Abhinav D.Speech Arrow
"They seem to take on any challenge with ease and a smile"
Vinay KumarSpeech Arrow
"They were prompt, professional, neat and business-like."
StephenSpeech Arrow
"Thank you for an excellent service. They came in and cleaned it all up very nicely."
SatphineeSpeech Arrow
  • 5 hour arrival windows
  • No skip license required
  • Quick Collections: Normally gone within the hour!

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