Office Demolition & Re-Instatement Works

Office reinstatement is usually necessitated by the expiry of the lease period or moving to a new office space. As opposed to leasing residential property, renting shops, office space, commercial space or industrial space comes with a contractual requirement, contained within the reinstatement clause. This clause stipulates that the tenant has to reinstate the office to its initial condition at the end of the lease period. As such, if you are moving to a new office space or the lease period has come to an end, you will find yourself in a rush to reinstate the unit to its former condition prior to handing it over to the landlord. The rule of the thumb when reinstating an office space is to make it appear the way it did when you first moved into it. This is a complicated process, which should be carried out by the professionals.

The Scope of Office Reinstatement Work

Every office and business has its unique space requirements. As such, it is common for tenants to have the space modified, to meet their requirements, after leasing the space. As the tenant, it is your responsibility to get rid of all the temporary fixtures and renovation work that was done in the space. In most cases, this office reinstatement work has to be accomplished within a short period. As such, the office reinstatement work varies from one office to the other. Mentioned here are some of the common tasks:

  Workstations and furniture items
  Walls including blockwork and brick, partitions, bulkheads and glazing
  Operable walls & support brackets
  Blinds and fittings
  Feature walls and reception desk areas
  Built-in customised joinery
  Kitchens, Tea points and Breakout Areas
  Bathrooms and wet areas
  Ceilings (false grid, gyprock set ceilings, timber and all other materials)
  Flooring (carpet, carpet tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, stone, computer raised, timber and all other materials)
  General office rubbish removal
  Retail premises removal of all shop furniture and equipment
  Residential homes as specified per scope inclusive of outdoor areas
  Repair and patch all base building walls as a direct result from fitout removal
  Services (electrical, lighting, plumbing, phone & data, air conditioning, heating systems, sprinklers, fire, EWIS, security)
  Redundant electrical equipment and whitegoods
  Repair and patch any common tenancy walls as a direct result from fitout removal
  Repair and patch common areas such as lift lobby areas after signage / reception has been removed
  Repair ceilings and replace ceiling tiles / grid as required
  Restore open plan layout for all services such as power, lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers, EWIS, fire extinguishers, exit lighting etc. to code
  Patch or replace carpet or flooring to match
  Paint throughout to specified open plan colour
  Repair or replace any blinds or fittings
  Re-instate standard base building security and/or perimeter door hardware & locks
  Final clean

Why You Need Office Reinstatement Professionals

From the scope of work required for such office reinstatement projects, you can tell that it is not an easy task to accomplish. In other cases, this work has to be accomplished within a short period of time. This is why you need skilled and experienced professionals to accomplish the task on your behalf. Attempting to reinstate the office on your own may also result in damage of items in the office. As such, you it's a better idea to engage the professionals to skillfully and professionally reinstate the office space within the shortest time possible.

Cost of an Office Reinstatement Project

Basically, office reinstatement projects do not have a predetermined or rate. The cost of reinstating different office space will vary depending on various aspects, such as the size of the office space, the scope of work that needs to be accomplished and the time frame. It is not advisable to primarily rely on the pricing while selecting office reinstatement professionals. Instead, you should consider the skill level and experience of the professionals.

For many office owners, moving from one office space to the other is not an easy task. In addition to moving the office furniture and stationery, you will also be required to reinstate the space you are moving from. However, you can avoid this hassle by engaging ClearOurSpace – The Office Reinstatement professionals! We will remove partitions, tiles, carpet, raised floors, painting for handover to the landlord. We will even dispose all of your unwanted item and should the need arise, we can also arrange to reinstate the sprinkler system, diffuser, aircon ducting, etc. Therefore, do not hesitate further, contact ClearOurSpace today!

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